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James shares why the ‘Glee’ episode feels so special.

Here it comes: Spring, my favorite time of the year, when everything’s new and fresh and promising. Outside my study window, the magnolia tree is exploding into magenta bloom under an azure sky — and to top it all off, here comes Glee…literally and figuratively!

On the night of Glee’s visit, our theater at Pace University was packed with 750 ebullient fans, front and center among them the master’s degree candidates of the Actors Studio DramaSchool, as the stars of Glee paraded out on our stage — Matthew Morrison, Jane Lynch, Cory Monteith, Lea Michele, and Chris Colfer, led by the series’ co-creator Ryan Murphy.

They’re all there, waiting for you on Bravo at 8/7C on Monday, April 9th. You’ve never seen anything like this episode — not on Inside the Actors Studio — and maybe not anywhere else. The episode is a non-stop cascade of revelation, confession, songs and dances — on the screen and live on our stage.

Full disclosure: I admit to a bias toward this episode and these people and Glee because of the world from which I came to Inside the Actors Studio. It’s precisely the world to which Rachel Berry, Finn Hudson, and Kurt Hummel aspire, and from which Lea and Matthew come — the Broadway musical theater, they on the stage and I behind the scenes as the lyricist and book writer of two musicals, Nowhere to Go but Up and Sherry!

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